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Newly installed club officers, and a few new committees

Posted on Nov 11, 2020 |

A heartfelt Thank You to those who continue to volunteer on our Board of Governors, and to serve as our Club Officers for 2021.  Those officers are: President - Mike McCarthy Vice President - Bill Wassink Treasurer & Secretary - Lyle Starkweather Our Board has also instituted a few new committees: Membership has been broken out into Corporate Membership (chaired by Wade Radtke) and General Membership (chaired by Joe Muscarella) Entertainment is new, and is chaired by Kristine McCarthy Information Technology is also new, and is chaired by Dave Dewar Again, thank you all for volunteering your...

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Welcome Mike Armstrong — new Course Superintendent

Posted on Nov 11, 2020 |

With Peter Cavanaugh's retirement, we have hired a new Course Superintendent... Mike Armstrong.  Most recently, Mike was the Superintendent at Mendon CC.  He started working at Stafford fulltime last week.  If you have questions, feedback or ideas for Mike, you can contact him via the Contact Us - Members Only portion of our website... send emails to [email protected] Welcome aboard,...

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Thank you Peter Cavanaugh

Posted on Oct 26, 2020 |

Golf Course Superintendent Peter Cavanaugh began his career at Stafford Country Club 30 years ago. Over the years Peter and his crews have worked diligently to set up the course daily for members and guests to enjoy. He has worked with many different Boards and committees and has consistently continued to maintain and improve our beautiful course. Through the years, Peter has been involved in many capital projects, both on the course and around the facilities. He has assisted in the building and rebuilding of various tees and has also worked with the USGA and course architect to develop and create the various chipping areas around the greens. Peter has overseen several major drainage projects during his tenure and was instrumental in getting the current maintenance building constructed and put into service. He has helped to oversee the volunteer tree crews over the years, a group that continues to improve our course for the future. Most recently, Peter worked to get our new pump house and pump station installed and operational. Peter’s involvement in our numerous improvement projects has literally touched every acre of our course. His dedication and resourcefulness have kept our course and our facilities in superb condition. Peter has responded to any need on short notice and knows this property and its facilities better than anyone in recent history. And as we approach our 100th anniversary, he has placed our club in an excellent position moving forward to the next 100 years I am pleased to announce that the Board of Governors has approved Peter as an honorary member in recognition of his outstanding contributions and years of service to Stafford Country Club. Peter, we hope to see you out here enjoying the course and facilities that you have tended to for so many years. Please join me in thanking Peter Cavanaugh for 30 great years of service to Stafford Country...

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Club Champions

Posted on Sep 2, 2020 |

This past Championship weekend was truly historic. Audrey Clarke winning her 5th championship in a row, setting an all-time record for consecutive championships. A feat that all-time championship winner, Charlotte Schultz, nor other great champions such as Monica Minor, Darlene Wohlers, or Ruth Joslin were unable to do. Congratulations, Audrey!! And, then there's Jim Scorse who reached the mark of 16 men's championship set by Bob Bird 21 years ago. A fantastic record held by two truly great golfers.  Hats off to you, Jim!! Here are all of the Club Champions who were crowned this past weekend: Men: Club Champion - Jim Scorse Runner-Up - Evan Clarke A Flight: Champion - Paul Colombo Runner-Up - Tom Clarke B Flight: Champion - Randy Traugott Runner-Up - Terry Rich C Flight: Champion - Ted Graney Runner-Up - Tony Galletto D Flight: Champion - Paul Marchese Runner-Up - Jerry Buchinger Ladies: Club Champion - Audrey Clarke Runner-Up - Tina Lambert A Flight: Champion - Sharon Gnann Runner-Up - Cyndi Niziurski B Flight: Champion - Pat Garnish Runner-Up - Jill Sandor C Flight: Champion - Carol Wescott Runner-Up - Nancy Vandenburg D Flight: Champion - Linda Noeth Runner-Up - Karen...

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Couples Championship Results

Posted on Aug 2, 2020 |

Gross: 1. Jim & Cyndi Niziurski - 166 2. Don & Sharon Gnann - 168 3. Lyle & Bette Starkweather - 178 Net: 1. Scott & Nancy Herring - 135 2. Scott & Dione Harrington - 145 3. Jim & Pam Simboli - 146

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Ryder Cup Results

Posted on Jul 27, 2020 |

Men's Division: 1. Team Belfry - Collins, Niziurski, Dipasquale, Nerone, McCarthy,M., Bruno - 9.5 pts. 2. Team Brookline - Luther,R., Thomas, Rich, Harrington, Lynch, Buchinger - 9 pts 3. Team Oak Hill - Hitchcock, Elliott, Dewar,J., VanDenburg, MArrett, Buckley - 8.5 pts. Ladies' Division: 1. Team Troon - Garnish, Decarlo, Nerone, Buchinger - 5 pts. 1. Team Muirfield - Niziurski, Welch, O'Donoghue, Sessler - 5 pts. 1. Team Greenbrier - Gnann, Harrington, Percassi, Noeth - 5 pts. 1. Team Oakland Hills - Landers, Wescott, Luther, Heaney - 5...

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