Posted on Sep 2, 2020 |

This past Championship weekend was truly historic. Audrey Clarke winning her 5th championship in a row, setting an all-time record for consecutive championships. A feat that all-time championship winner, Charlotte Schultz, nor other great champions such as Monica Minor, Darlene Wohlers, or Ruth Joslin were unable to do. Congratulations, Audrey!!

And, then there's Jim Scorse who reached the mark of 16 men's championship set by Bob Bird 21 years ago. A fantastic record held by two truly great golfers.  Hats off to you, Jim!!

Here are all of the Club Champions who were crowned this past weekend:

Club Champion - Jim Scorse
Runner-Up - Evan Clarke

A Flight:
Champion - Paul Colombo
Runner-Up - Tom Clarke

B Flight:
Champion - Randy Traugott
Runner-Up - Terry Rich

C Flight:
Champion - Ted Graney
Runner-Up - Tony Galletto

D Flight:
Champion - Paul Marchese
Runner-Up - Jerry Buchinger

Club Champion - Audrey Clarke
Runner-Up - Tina Lambert

A Flight:
Champion - Sharon Gnann
Runner-Up - Cyndi Niziurski

B Flight:
Champion - Pat Garnish
Runner-Up - Jill Sandor

C Flight:
Champion - Carol Wescott
Runner-Up - Nancy Vandenburg

D Flight:
Champion - Linda Noeth
Runner-Up - Karen Heaney