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Stroke Play Tourney Results

Posted on Jul 12, 2020 |

Men's Division: Stroke Play Champion: Jim Scorse 68-67=135 Net Champion: Ted Graney 72-67=139 Sr. Champion: Rich Luther - 73-68=141 Net Champion: Paul Colombo - 72-73=145 Masters Champion: Frank Adonnino - 81-77=158 Net Champion: Bob McIntosh - 72-73=145 Legends Champion: Tom Schmidt - 82-83=165 Net Champion: Peter Jacobson - 75-70=145 Ladies' Division: Stroke Play Champion: Tina Lambert - 91-40=131 Sr. Champion: Pat Garnish - 93-46=139 Net Champion: Laura Landers -...

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Tee times for Stroke Play Tourney – Saturday, 11-July

Posted on Jul 9, 2020 |

8:00 - Scorse, E.Clarke, G. Wormley 8:10 - White, Nicastro, Collins 8:20 - Bourg, Williams, DiMartino 8:30 - Brindle, Thomas, J. Dewar 8:40 - Vallance, Graney, Welch 8:50 - R. Luther, Haefele, J. Luther 9:00 - Niziurski, Colombo, T. Clarke 9:10 - Sandor, Vogl, Gnann 9:20 - Adonnino, McIntosh, Traugott 9:30 - Marsh, Keeler, Elliott 9:40 - Mohun, DiPasquale, VanDenburg 9:50 - Nerone, Braaten, Jacobson 10:00 - Buchinger, Schmidt, Mahan, T. Galletto 10:20 - T. Lambert, P. Garnish, C. Niziurski 10:30 - A. Bishop, J. Sandor, S. Gnann, L....

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Hole Handicaps adjusted for both sets of combo tees

Posted on May 16, 2020 |

Thanks to all who posted hole-by-hole scores for the combo tees last year.  Using that data, we've adjusted the Hole Handicaps for each of the Blue/White and Green/Yellow sets of combo tees.  Those adjustments are now integrated into the GHIN system.  So, when you log into the GHIN app, or you post your score in the locker room or golf shop at the club (when we're finally allowed to open both), and you decide to post hole-by-hole scores, the system will automatically adjust your score (if necessary) based on your handicap. Here's an example of how the system would automatically adjust your score... Let's say your handicap is 25 for the Green/Yellow tees.  That means that you'd get at least one stroke per hole, with two strokes on the 7 most difficult holes on the course.  With the new Hole Handicaps, #6 is the 5th most difficult hole on the course.  With the new World Handicap System, the most that you can post on any hole is a net-double-bogey.  Given that you'd be getting 2 strokes on #6, the highest score that you can post on #6 is an 8 (par is 4, plus 2 because you're allowed a double bogey, plus 2 because you get 2 strokes on that hole = 8).  If you happened to score a 9 on that hole, and logged that 9 when you posted hole-by-hole, the GHIN system would automatically adjust your score on #6 to an 8. If you don't happen to post your score hole-by-hole, then you need to make those kinds of scoring adjustments yourself.  Prior to 2020, you needed to adjust your posted score using the ESC (Equitable Stroke Control).  With the new World Handicap System, your max score on any hole is net-double-bogey. If you have any questions about the revised Hole Handicaps for the combo tees, or need help in understanding the net-double-bogey score posting limit, please contact our club's Handicap Chair, Jim Niziurski at...

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A nice explanation of the new World Handicap System

Posted on Apr 20, 2020 |

The RDGA Handicap Committee has put together a video that accurately and concisely explains the new World Handicap System.  Please open the attached link and watch/listen to the video. RDGA WHS Condensed Handicapping Video We recognize that spring educational seminars have been postponed or cancelled due to Covid, so we have put together this condensed slide presentation with voice over to help your members with the most important changes to WHS.  We encourage you to share this with your Members directly. We are also working on creating short tutorials on how to use the USGA GHIN App to post scores, etc, as we anticipate and encourage golfers to post their scores using the USGA GHIN APP as yet another way to eliminate a communal touchpoint (scorecards).  These smaller videos will be forthcoming...

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Course available for play… with some Covid restrictions

Posted on Apr 18, 2020 |

The Empire State Development guidance for New York State Executive Order 202.6 made the following update: “However, golf courses are not essential and cannot have employees working on premise; notwithstanding this restriction, essential services, such as grounds keeping to avoid hazardous conditions and security, provided by employees, contractors, or vendors are permitted and private operators may permit individuals access to the property so long as there are no gatherings of any kind and appropriate social distancing of six feet between individuals is strictly abided.” Golf courses in NYS are still classified as NON-ESSENTIAL. With this update we plan to allow access to the course beginning Sunday April 19 in adherence with CDC guidelines and government mandates. Please be aware that New York State mandates continue to be updated on a regular basis and this could change at any time. Our priority is to keep our members and staff safe and healthy, it is imperative that you adhere to the following guidelines. Failure to follow the guidelines may cause the golf course to be closed again. Please be safe and smart so that we do not lose access to our golf course. Until further notice the following guidelines will apply to all members Members only: Only Stafford CC members are allowed. No Guests, other than children of members who are accompanied by the member, are allowed at this time. Guest fees will apply to those children over the age of 24 (as of 1/1/20). Non-resident and social members will have their accounts charged accordingly. All rounds count towards a social w/ golf membership. Course use guidelines: This will be “Park & Play” only. There shall be no gathering in groups to socialize before, during, or after your round. Players must remain at least 6-feet apart at all times while at the club. Be careful on tees and greens to practice social distancing at all times. All groups are restricted to 4 or fewer players – no exceptions Do not gather at the 1st tee while waiting to tee off. Wait until the group in front of you has reached the green before teeing off. No handshakes, fist bumps, or high...

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