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World Handicap System Launches!
On January 1, 2020, the World Handicap System will officially launch in the United States, delivering the first universal Rules of Handicapping for all golfers. For the first time in the U.S., every Handicap Index will now be computed through a centralized database to ensure consistency and integrity in every number.
In anticipation of this significant change, golfers in the U.S. will NOT be able to post scores or access their Handicap Index between January 1-5, 2020 as we migrate to the new technology. Starting on January 6, golfers will be able to post any scores they missed during this temporary down time, and any rounds played between January 1 - 5 will be used for handicapping purposes under the new World Handicap System.
RDGA Educating Member Clubs on WHS
There have been 5 educational RDGA WHS Seminars held over the months of October- December. We have over 60 RDGA Clubs who have attended a 4 Hour Seminar and have passed a quiz fulfilling their Club Compliance to be able to utilize the World Handicap System in 2020. This means that the WHS representatives from those Clubs that have been authorized and are currently working on a number of items to provide a seamless transition (for the golfer) to the World Handicap System and the new GHIN products.
Each RDGA Member Club is working on individualized rosters for their clubs. Searching for missing email addresses, junior birth dates, disconnecting duplicates emails assigned to 2 or more individuals and merging golfing records of members who are assigned 2 or more GHIN numbers are some of the tasks your club representatives are working on. If your club reaches out to you seeking this information, please reply promptly as they are proactively collecting necessary information for this transition.
5 Things to Know About the WHS :
  1. The Handicap Index Calculation is changing
  2. You will have a new Playing Handicap
  3. Net Double Bogey will replace ESC
  4. You will have a more responsive Handicap Index updates
  5. Safeguards have been added to protect your handicap Index


Where to Find Additional Information
  • Revision emails (after each posted round)
  • Monthly RDGA Newsletter (beginning 2nd week of January)
  • Social Media (Follow us on FaceBook, Twitter and InstaGram
  • Print (through your Home Club) and digital publications (
  • Contact for more information:
    • Your Home Club Professional
    • Your Club Handicap Chair
    • RDGA Assistant Executive Director, Jenny Ford