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Finding love at Stafford

Posted on Jan 9

Congratulations to Stafford member Brian Benedict on his engagement to Annie Wickstrom. Brian and Annie met on a blind date as partners for Bocce night a couple years...


2018 Committee Chairs

Posted on Nov 10

Your newly elected Club President, Joe Muscarella, has been busy finding and appointing Committee Chairpersons for the 2018 season.  Visit the Contact Us - Members Only portion of this website to see the entire list of Chairs, Managers, Club Officers... and email addresses for each.  If you're interested in serving on a committee, please contact the appropriate Committee...


Golf Shop, Bag Room and Locker Rooms close for the 2017 season on 11-Nov

Posted on Nov 10

Just a friendly reminder that our Golf Shop, Bag Room and Locker Rooms will close for the 2017 season on Saturday, 11-Nov.  So, by that date, you'll need to retrieve all of your golf bags and carts from the Bag Room, and please remove all locks and personal belongings from your locker (so that the lockers can be cleaned prior to the start of the 2018...


Discounted Riding Cart Passes for 2018

Posted on Oct 23

Based on feedback from many members, for the 2018 golf season, we're going to have riding cart packages available at a modest discount.  Details of the offer are: Cart passes can be purchased in groups of 25 (so, you can buy 25, 50, 75, etc.). The cost for these passes is $15 each, including tax (so 25 cart passes will cost you $375.00... as compared to today's cost of $16.00 + $1.28 tax = $17.28 X 25 = $432.00) If you intend to utilize this offer, you must purchase...


Oktoberfest — Saturday, 28-Oct

Posted on Oct 8

Oktoberfest!! October 28 will be Oktoberfest at Stafford Country Club.  $15.00 Smorgasbord buffet to clean out the kitchen, followed by the annual Mother Hubbard auction at 7:30. If you’ve never been to the final night of the restaurant at the club give it a try, it’s a lot of fun. You are welcome to bring guests.  Anything that they purchase will be charged to your account. After 28-Oct, the bar will be open but the restaurant will be closed for the remainder of the...


Oct/Nov Golf Course and Golf Shop Hours

Posted on Oct 2

For the remainder of the golf season, the golf course will be open for general membership play 8:00AM - Dusk on weekdays, and 7:30AM-Dusk on weekends.  Similarly, the Golf Shop will be open 8:00AM - 6:00PM on weekdays, and 7:30AM - 6:00PM on...