Posted on Mar 27, 2015 |

On behalf of the History & Archives Committee at Stafford Country Club, we are announcing a new program for current and former members to celebrate our special heritage at Stafford, the Ring of Remembrance.

The Ring of Remembrance offers a unique and lasting way to recognize and honor Stafford members and family members, to create a lasting memorial to a loved one, or to commemorate memorable times spent at Stafford with family and friends.

The Ring will consist of attractive rose-colored granite stones with your inscriptions and will surround the lovely floral display in the center garden, directly in front of the clubhouse.

You can become a part of Stafford's legacy by purchasing a stone and personalizing it with your own special message! Click on the following link for more details and how to place an order: ROR Order Form001

Please direct any questions to:
Ralph Garnish @ 585-494-1217 or Ed Homsey @ 585-663-6120


Pat Garnish
History & Archives Committee

2015 Ring of Rememberance - Rackcard 2015 Ring of Rememberance - Rackcard2