Posted on Feb 22, 2018 |

Just a brief notice to members of Travis Society Member Club (such as Stafford CC) that there will be FIVE $1000 academic scholarships awarded by the Travis Society in 2018.

One of the scholarships is reserved for a student who is connected to a Member Club. The student could be a child of a club member, child of a club employee, or employed by the club. The criteria for this Member Club scholarship are: good character (in part demonstrated by involvement/volunteering in school or community activities, etc.), and excellent academic accomplishments. Interest and skill in golf would be a major plus.

In addition to those qualities, the other 4 scholarships are for students pursuing careers in one of these fields of undergraduate or graduate study:

• Landscape Architecture, with goal of becoming a golf course architect.
• Turfgrass Management, with goal of becoming a golf course superintendent.
• Professional Golf Management, with goal of becoming a golf club professional.
• Sports Journalism, with special interest in golf.

Please encourage any student that you know to check with our website, for more information, and application forms. Deadline for application is June 1st.

Any assistance you can provide in spreading the word of our scholarships to possible candidates will be greatly appreciated.

Inquiries are welcomed by Ed Homsey, Scholarship Chairman, at [email protected] or 585-663-6120