Posted on Mar 27, 2016 |

The Ring of Remembrance offers a unique and lasting way to recognize and honor Stafford members past and present, and their families. We have heard that people feel the Ring of Remembrance is only for the founding fathers or past board members of Stafford CC, this is simply not correct. The Ring of Remembrance is for anyone to create a lasting memorial to a loved one, or commemorate memorable times spent at Stafford with family or friends.

The vision for the Ring of Remembrance was to surround the center garden directly in front of the clubhouse with granite stones personalized with your own special message. If you were considering purchasing a stone to honor a loved one or remember a special time at Stafford Country Club but decided against it because you thought the Ring of Remembrance was not intended for you, please reconsider. It would be wonderful to see the garden circle full of memories of all members past and present.

To place an order for your personalized remembrance stone please contact Ralph Garnish @585-494-1217 or Ed Homsey @585-663-6120 or Mike McCarthy @716-583-4563.