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The 2018 Travis Cup Team was victorious over Orchard Park CC and Lookout Point CC on Friday, August 10. By a score of 29 over 26 for each of the opponents, we eked out a hard-earned win. It is important to note that all our players scored points, no one was blanked, which accounts for the winning margin. Everyone contributed.

Judging by comments from all quarters, this tournament was a notable success. The Board of Governors provided perfect weather; the House staff and management performed flawlessly with meals and beverages; Eric, Mike and their staff did their usual fine work conducting their many tasks; and Brittany Ferris performed beautifully singing the national anthems of Canada and the USA.

The Honorary Striking of the First Ball was a fine shot hit by Travis Society Founder and Archivist Ed Homsey.

A 50 / 50 raffle was held to raise funds for the Travis Society Scholarship Program. With $640 in the pot to split, winner Jim Cook Sr. generously donated his winnings back into the program.

We are grateful for the efforts of the committee and many volunteers who served at the registration table, 50/50, and then as fore-caddies on six holes. They helped to maintain the pace of play resulting in timely finish by all with no stragglers.


Ralph Garnish, Tournament Chair



Gerald Shaughnessy           Audrey Clarke

Jim Scorse                            Sharon Gnaan

Paul Columbo                      Pat Garnish

Matt Haefele                        Dione Harrington

Jim Cook Sr.                        Ruth Rath

TJ Woodward                      Linda Noeth

Jerry Buchinger                  Dominic Nicasto

Chip Braaten                       Eric Haile



Deb Buchinger                     Scott Harrington

Joan DeCarlo                       Don Gnann

Karen Percassi                     Carol Wescott

Mike McCarthy                    Ross Bruno

Jim Simboli                          Brian McCarthy



Mike McCarthy                      Skip Lamont

Pat Garnish                            Matt Haefele

Ralph Garnish