Posted on Jul 11, 2018 |

We're in the process of upgrading the Internet and business services at our club.  The new WiFi is already working.  You'll now find a Stafford_Guest network when you attempt to connect to WiFi.  That new network does not require a password... just link to it and connect.  The computer stations in the Clubhouse, Golf Shop, Pool, Halfway House, Maintenance Building and Business Office should be fully upgraded later this month.

We're also upgrading the club's phone system.  You now simply dial 343-9281 (the number that was formally dedicated to the Golf Shop), and you then enter the following to be connected to the desired person or area:

1. Golf Shop
2. Clubhouse
5. Pool
6. Halfway House
7. Eric Haile (Head Golf Professional)
8. Erika (House Supervisor) and Collin (Head Chef)

Each of those extensions is currently functional.  Very soon, we'll add the following extensions (we'll update this notice when these extensions have been enabled):

3. Business Office (Penny Sallome)
4. Greens/Golf Course Department
9. Peter Cavanaugh (Golf Course Superintendent)

Please update your speed-dial and phone directories accordingly.