Posted on Dec 3, 2018 | 0 comments

It’s been a busy month since I took over as President, so I want to provide a few updates for everyone.  First off, I am very excited for the year ahead and proud to be part of such an active and engaged Board of Governors.  We have a lot of ideas and plans to put in place for the upcoming year and are off to a good start.

  • Committee Chairs and Assistants are in place.  The full list can be found on the Contact Us - Members Only page of the website, and they will be reaching out to fill the committees soon.
  • 2019 Budget meetings have concluded.  These have been important meetings as our intention is to continue to focus on the feedback from the 2018 General Membership Survey to ensure our course, Clubhouse and grounds are exceeding our members expectations.  Focus on key areas of the course and Clubhouse have been incorporated into our planning for next year.
  • Approval of the Pump Station Replacement Project.  During the course of 2018, it was determined that a significant risk existed with our existing pump station in terms of the age and condition of the system.  If the Pump station failed during the summer – we would be without irrigation for two months, during which time we could lose the entire golf course.  The Board conducted a very thorough evaluation and bidding process to determine best course of action.  After review of the bids, a vendor was selected and a Special Meeting was called and held on November 27th to vote on moving forward with this project.  With thanks to all the Regular members that made the trek through pretty poor weather, the project and funding was unanimously approved.  A special thanks to Dean Kendall for letting us hold the meeting at the Wright Beverage facility.
    • The project calls for the replacement of the pumps, inspection of and replacement/upgrade of the water intake system from the pond, and associated site work.  Total cost for the project is $125,000.
    • Our objective was to find a way to incur as little interest or debt as possible, while also minimizing the impact to each member.  After evaluation of multiple financing options, the decision was made and unanimously approved by the voting Membership to increase the monthly Capital fee by $10 per month for each member over the next four years.  By doing this, the project will be completely funded in four years, which we felt was appropriate to not only have a minimal impact on existing members but to also spread financing across new members that will be joining over that period.

I look forward to providing updates on a regular basis, meanwhile let’s pull for a short and mild Winter.  It surely isn’t starting out like it!

Paul Colombo