Posted on Mar 11, 2018 |

The following comes to us from our Membership Chairman, Paul Colombo:

The 2018 General Membership Survey is coming:

Very soon you will be receiving by e-mail a link to complete the 2018 General Membership survey. The Membership Committee, in conjunction with the Long-Range Planning Committee and the Board of Governors, has created this survey to accomplish a couple important objectives:
First and foremost, we are looking for our membership’s honest feedback regarding club operations so we can manage and allocate in such a way to make meaningful improvements to our club.
Second, you will find the survey goes beyond the “rank and rate” and asks for input/suggestions/ideas. We are all vested in the success of our club and this forum gives you an opportunity to voice your ideas and provide your thoughts.
Finally, the information gleaned from this survey will be used in helping the club make strategic decisions about items like long term capital improvements.

We are asking that ALL members take the time to honestly and thoroughly complete this year’s survey. All responses will be completely anonymous. It will be short – taking only 15 minutes to complete, but the information we obtain will only be as good as the quality of the inputs and we are hopeful that everyone will take the time to participate. So please do look for your Survey Monkey invitation by e-mail which should be arriving in the next few weeks.