Posted on May 15, 2016 |

As provided by our Course Superintendent, Peter Cavanaugh, following are details of the work done on our Greens last Monday, 9-May:

  1. The greens were Verticut in two, perpendicular directions.
  2. The greens were then mowed to clean up debris from the Verticut
  3. The green were heavily top dressed with a sand/peat mixture, and that material was allowed to
  4. The top dressing was then dragged with a mat to help work it into the greens.
  5. The greens were rolled with vibratory rollers to further work in the top dressing.
  6. The greens were then watered to further settle in the top dressing mix.
  7. The greens were also sprayed with a fungicide, wetting agent, and growth



Top Dressing Green Stafford CC