Posted on May 2, 2017 |

Due to the recent and forecast inclement weather, and the strong possibility of riding carts not being allowed on Saturday, May 6th, Derby Day festivities are being rescheduled to May 20th... and will coincide with the Preakness Race.  All activities planned for Derby Day will be included for Preakness Day.  If you are signed up for Derby Day, there is no need to re-signup. If you are signed up but cannot make it for the Preakness on May 20th, please let Eric know (343-9281).  And, of course, if you weren't available for Derby Day on May 6th, but you are available to play in Preakness Day on May 20th, contact the Golf Shop to sign up.

The Clubhouse will be open on Saturday, May 6th for lunch and dinner and you are still encouraged to come join us to watch the Kentucky Derby.

To allow for Derby Day to be switched to Preakness Day, the Member/Member tourney that was scheduled for May 20th will now be played on May 27th.  Similar to the Derby Day change, if you are signed up for the Member/Member there is no need to re-signup.  If you are signed up but cannot play on May 27th, please let Eric know.