Posted on Mar 23, 2015 |

It's officially Spring, but it's tough to tell by the temperatures and the snow that remains on the ground.  Here's hoping that the weather improves significantly and really soon!  In the meantime, following is information regarding when our club will open:

  • Clubhouse:  regardless of the weather and course conditions, our Clubhouse will open on Saturday, April 4th.  Gina and Chad are also preparing a wonderful Easter Brunch for Sunday, April 5th... details will be provided shortly.
  • Course:  As the snow melts, our Superintendent, Peter Cavanuagh, is constantly evaluating course conditions.  He currently estimates that the course will be fully opened and ready for play on Tuesday, April 14th.  Per Pete, the greens are looking very good (at least the ones that he can currently observe).  There is some snow mold on a few fairways, but it shouldn't pose a problem (it will disappear as the weather warms up).  We do, however, want to keep golfers from tracking that mold onto the greens.  Should the weather turn significantly better, and for extended periods of time, Peter might be able to open the course to walkers; but we should assume that riding carts won't be allowed until the 14th.
    • Following is a link to an article from the USGA that helps to explain the kinds of issues that Peter and his crew need to deal with as we transition from Winter to Spring:  The Big Melt
  • Golf Shop:  given the situation regarding the golf course, Eric and his staff are currently planning for the Golf Shop to open on the 14th as well.