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Firewood Available

Posted on Jun 18, 2017 |

As most everyone knows, we had significant tree damage over the winter.  There are several piles of wood near the Maintenance shop off of Route 5.  Members are welcome to pick up wood for their personal use if they so desire.  Wood that is picked up must be taken in lengths currently cut with no additional cutting allowed on site.  Please try to limit pick up to weekends if at all possible.  If other times are necessary, please let our Greens Superintendent Peter Cavanaugh know at...

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New #12 Tee has been sodded

Posted on Jun 16, 2017 |

Peter Cavanaugh, his crew and a vendor have laid the sod on our new #12 tee.  Peter indicates that it'll be 2-3 weeks before the root structure takes and we can start to use that tee.  If all goes extremely well, it might be ready for the Men's Invitational.  It's looking...

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Sponsor a new Member and save on your 2018 Dues

Posted on Jun 15, 2017 |

A Stafford Country Club Member who sponsors a NEW member for 2017 will receive a 15% discount on their 2018 Dues based on the Membership Category and Dues Structure for which the new member signs up. Sponsor Regular Savings $457.50 (Based on $3,050.00 Dues Rate for a new member) Sponsor Intermediate Savings $352.50 (Based on $2,350.00 Dues Rate for a new member) Sponsor Social w/Golf Savings $262.50 (Based on $1,750.00 Dues Rate) Sponsor Junior Savings $240.00 (Based on $1,600.00 Dues Rate) Sponsor Social Savings $105.00 (Based on $700.00 Dues Rate) Sponsor Non-Resident Savings $60.00 (Based on $400.00 Dues Rate) Your Board of Governors is encouraging all members to take an active role in soliciting new members. We can only accomplish a healthy membership level with the help and involvement of the entire...

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