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Fall Incentive Program reminder

Posted on Aug 30, 2016 |

To refresh everyone’s memory – the Fall Incentive Program allows someone to join Stafford Country Club (or to upgrade their membership) from September 1st for the remainder of the year for $500.  Keep in mind the Club will be open through mid November, so that is over 2 full months of access.  Not only that, the $500 is applied to next year’s dues as well. This is one of the best deals we have going, so please do tell your friends, and continue to bring guests out to the Club to show them our great course and...

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Club Championship Results

Posted on Aug 28, 2016 |

Congratulations to all who made it to the match-play weekend of our club championship.  Sunshine, wonderful course conditions, and great competition... what a weekend it was!  Jim Scorse picked up his 13th men's club championship in a back-n-forth match against Geoff Wormley that went 19 holes, while Audrey Clarke was a 1st-time winner of the women's championship over past-champion Tina Lambert.  Here's a summary of the finals matches: Men Championship Flight: Jim Scorse over Geoff Wormley A-Flight: Tom Schmidt over Jim Cook B-Flight: Paul Viele over Scott Harrington C-Flight: Jim Sheffer over Chip Braaten D-Flight: Wade Radtke over Phil Plossl Women Championship Flight: Audrey Clarke over Tina Lambert Senior Flight: Bette Starkweather over Pat Garnish A-Flight: Kim Houseknecht over Lori Urban B-Flight: Anne Bishop over Heather Burbules C-Flight: Linda Luther over Dione Harrington D-Flight: Linda Noeth over Deb...

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Pairing and tee times for Club Championship – Day 1 – Saturday, 27-Aug

Posted on Aug 21, 2016 |

Championship Flight: (1) Scorse vs. (16) Welch - 7:30 (8) Haefele vs. (9) Harrower,M. - 7:37 (4) Colombo vs. (13) Harrower,J. - 7:44 (5) Rogers vs. (12) White - 7:51 (2) Tretter vs. (15) Sandor - 7:58 (7) Hitchcock vs.(10) Zaffuto - 8:05 (3) Luther vs. (14) Wormley,G. - 8:12 (6) Shaughnessy vs. (11) Thomas,M. - 8:19 A Flight: (1) McIntosh vs. (4) Cook - 8:26 (2) Schmidt vs. (3) Tillman - 8:33 B Flight: (1) Harrington vs. (4) Russell - 8:40 (2) Viele vs. (3) Sherwood - 8:47 C Flight: (1) Sheffer vs. (4) Buchinger - 8:54 (2) Zimmerman vs. (3) Braaten - 9:01 D Flight: (1) Plossl vs. (4) Tortorice - 9:08 (2) Radtke vs. (3) Bruno -...

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Tee times for 1st round of Club Championship Qualifier – Saturday, 20-Aug

Posted on Aug 17, 2016 |

Due to the few number of women who signed up, there is no need for any qualifiers for the Women's Club Championship... the championship flight or the A-D flights.  So, the women who did sign up get to practice this coming weekend and get ready for match play next weekend.  The men, on the other hand, do need to qualify.  Following are the tee times for Saturday,...

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