Posted on Apr 30, 2018 |

I am pleased to report that we finally have some Bluebird activity in western New York and specifically at Stafford Country Club. The birds have been as frustrated as we are with this "spring" weather lately.

I have been checking nest boxes since February, but have only seen nesting activity in the last couple weeks. Bluebirds have been posting up near some of our boxes and squabbling with Swallows over the prime locations.

This week, I saw several pairs on the course, building nests and staking out territory. There were five fairly complete nests, that looked like Bluebird style. Several other partial nests were noted, and one Wren nest. Still no eggs in any of them, but hopefully, with the warmer weather next week, we should see some.

Thanks to all who have given positive feedback to the Bluebird Survey. We'll keep you posted.

Matt "Birdman" Haefele